YouTube is bringing more analytics reports to mobile devices that were previously only available on desktop computers. It contains information on traffic sources and revenues.

Authors can now stay up-to-date on their revenue on the go and see how viewers find their videos.

When it comes to revenue, YouTube gives content producers a new way to file a lawsuit if they feel they have been incorrectly removed from the YouTube Partner Program.

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Add YouTube Analytics reports for mobile

YouTube is currently bringing more desktop features to mobile devices.


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As part of this initiative, content producers will have access to two new reports on the Revenue tab of Studio Mobile.

Monthly income report

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This report shows the current month’s estimated earnings as well as historical data so you can compare your monthly performance.


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Income report for the event

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This report shows where your earnings come from, including channel memberships, Super Chats, Super Stickers, and other things paid for by viewers.

Traffic Sources Efficiency Report

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Content producers who were previously only available in the YouTube Studio Video Overview section on a computer can now access the Traffic Sources report on mobile devices.


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This card shows you two special things:

  • Summary of the efficiency of transport sources
  • Is any of these traffic sources larger, smaller, or typical compared to previous videos.

Traffic sources are limited to different areas of YouTube, such as announcements, subscriber feed, referrals, and channel pages.

By tapping the card, you can find out if your performance this month is better, weaker, or typical compared to previous months.

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Note that this report does not show sources of external traffic


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YouTube hopes traffic sources and revenue reports can be enabled over the next couple of days.

Appeal via video

In the second update, for YouTube Partner Program content producers – if you’re blocked from the program, you can now file a complaint via video.

Content partners in the YouTube Partnership Program can earn advertising revenue from their videos. So it can be a major blow to the creator’s livelihood if he is removed from the program.

YouTube regularly reviews all commercialized channels to ensure that they comply with company policies. This process involves a number of human evaluators and sometimes they make mistakes.


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It may happen that reviewers incorrectly suspend or reject channels from the YouTube Partner Program.

When a content provider believes that YouTube reviewers have made a mistake, they can record a video explaining why their channel is not violating commercialization policies.

They get a change to explain what’s on their channel and what kind of content they’re producing.

The YouTube policy team will then review the entire video and channel to add this context.

If a genuine error is made, YouTube will re-enable commercialization on the channel.

YouTube is expanding this beta to allow content providers to post videos in their native language and with English subtitles if that native language is not supported.


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YouTube hopes to be able to expand this beta even further in the near future.

Source: YouTube Creator Insider

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