One of the best things about Procreate is how flexible the app can be to suit your needs. If you are a beginner, Procreate is a great place to start training. But the app also has additional features for experienced artists. Such as the ability to install and use custom fonts.

Using custom fonts in works of art is a great way to increase creativity. For example, if you don’t know calligraphy or handwriting, you can use your handwriting font to add beautiful captions and subtitles to your Procreate designs.

In this post, we present some of Procreate’s best fonts handcrafted. You can download these and use them however you want. And we’ll also show you how to install fonts in Procreate.

Let’s get started.

Pastel - Handwritten Procreate font

When adding text to Procreate, try choosing hand-crafted and creative fonts. It’s the best way to make text blend well with a work of art. This font is perfect for this purpose. It has a cute ink line letter that gives a unique feel to your designs.

BlissHearts - Creative Procreate Font

If you want to create captions in your images or captions that run perfectly between each letter, this font is for you. This beautiful handwritten font is great for all kinds of creative artwork and designs. It is also great for illustrations and various graphic designs.

The Wanderer - Condensed font for Procreatelle

The Wanderer is a unique handwriting font with a condensed letter. This font allows you to add a natural hand-drawn look to your text to make it look like you are drawing each letter by hand. The font is available in OTF and TTF formats, both of which are compatible with Procreate.

Hakuno - Chic Handwriting Procreate font

This handwritten font is a great choice to add a casual and feminine look to your artwork and graphics. It has a series of stunning letters with a thick and wavy pattern. The font is especially suitable for book covers, quotes and subtitles.

Adventures - Bold Procreate font

Adventures is a Procreate font with a bold and vintage design. The letters in this font are designed with a textured and classic look to fit beautifully into vintage-themed artwork.

It's Kind of Magic - Free Procreate Font

This is a free font to help you design beautiful titles and titles for your artwork. It has an elegant design and curved letters. The font can be used freely for your personal and commercial projects.

GoodHood - Free Procreate Font

GoodHood is another free font you can use for your personal and commercial projects. It comes with classic brush script style letters with a 90s retro theme. It is ideal for creating titles.

Highnorth - Handmade Marker Font

Highnorth is a stylish character font that lets you make your text look like it was drawn with a marker. It’s especially perfect if you’ve used marking brushes in your artwork. You can also add your own towels to make the titles stand out from the crowd.

Arata - handmade Freestyle Procreate font

This is a unique freestyle font with a stylish handmade design. The textured appearance of the letters makes it a good choice for designing illustrations and subtitles and subtitles for comics.

Inkhead - Penstroke Procreate Font

If you want to design text with a rough handmade look, this font is perfect for you. It features a series of vintage-themed letters with a pen stroke. The font allows you to add a classic look to your quotes and titles.

Heartland - Minimal Handwriting Procreate Font

Heartland is one of the most beautiful fonts on our list. It contains a condensed and handwritten letter. Each letter of this font is unique and gives a soothing atmosphere. Use it to create minimalist text.

Story Brush - Fonts for Procreate

This is a brush font that allows you to format titles and headings with a modern look. It is best suited for horror-themed artwork and illustrations. Especially for Halloween designs like posters and brochures.

Boom - Comic Font for Procreate

If you use Procreate to draw cartoons, this font is required. It helps you create a lot of splash pages with big bold cartoon text much easier. The font comes in OTF and TTF formats. You can use it in Procreate and other graphical editing software.

SHNobel - Free Fun Procreate Font

This is a very creative font that contains a number of unusual letter patterns. It’s perfect for making headlines for fun and weird models, especially children’s models. The font comes in several formats.

Free Vintage Monogram Font for Procreate

With this font, you can design stylish monograms with Procreate effortlessly. It has a set of vintage-style letters that are ideal for monogram designs. The font is free to download.

Huelva - Creative Procreate Font

Huelva is a creative Procreate font with a cute and fun design. The bold letters in the font make it a great choice to add titles and subtitles to children’s designs, especially books, illustrations, and posters.

Designed calligraphy font for Procreate

Calligraphy is difficult to control. But thanks to calligraphy fonts, not everyone has to practice their craft. If you only need to add text to the design, install this font in Procreate. It makes your text look just like handmade calligraphic art.

Gines - Unique Procreate font

Gines is a strange font with a unique letter. Each letter of this font has a story to tell, and it makes your design look more creative than ever. You can use it to create a horror-themed text or even a title for a children’s book cover.

Kerape - Cute Handwriting Procreate Font

The cute and lovely design of this font makes it a must for artists working with illustrations. This font is perfect for your various illustrations and artwork to add text by hand.

Ink - Modern Procreate font

This font is a great choice for creating text with a modern and trendy design. It contains ink-inspired letters and makes the titles look as if they were drawn with your fingers. The font contains both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Hi Agatha - Free Script Font for Procreate

Beautifully flowing font with a bunch of stunning letters. This is a script font that allows you to add trendy titles and titles to your designs. You can use it to make quotes, posters, book covers, and more. The font can be used freely for your personal projects.

Galistan - Free calligraphy Procreate font

Galistan is a stylish calligraphy font with a handwritten letter. This font is useful for adding calligraphic style text to your illustrations. The font can be used freely for personal projects.

How to add fonts to Procreate

Importing and installing fonts in Procreate is very easy. You can do it in just a few steps. Here’s what you can do.

Step 1: Extract the font files

The fonts you download usually come as ZIP files. You must first extract / extract the ZIP file.

Open the file on iPad by opening it Files application, locate the downloaded ZIP file, and tap the file you want to extract. It will extract the folder that contains the font files. Look this official guide for more information.

You can also download and extract fonts to your computer and transfer it to iPad using iCloud.

Step 2: Install the fonts

To install a font in Procreate, first open Procreate, create a canvas, and enter text. Now in text editing mode, tap Edit the style button in the upper right corner of the keyboard.

develop font addition

This opens the Text Style tab. You will find it in the upper right corner of this tab Import fonts button. Tap it and find the font you just extracted, then tap the font you want to install again.

That’s it. If you need a visual guide, check it out this video guide.

Also, be sure to check with us the best Procreate brushes collection to add unique brushes to your library.


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