Over a decade ago, Weebly was one of the first DIY website builders to recommend to teachers. I have helped countless teachers and their students build classroom websites with Weebly for Education. This morning, I learned via email that Weebly (now owned by Square) has decided to Weebly shutter for education in 2022. This will happen on August 1, 2022. If you are using Weebly for Education right now, you have plenty of time to plan what you will use as a replacement (I recommend Edublogs or Google Sites).

Weebly for Education hasn’t had any updates for a few years, so it’s no surprise that it’s shut down. I have always liked the service and have found it to be a good way for teachers to build their own websites. More importantly, it provided a good way for students to create their own websites that teachers could actively monitor. But all good things must end. Thanks for the good service for all the years, Weebly for Education.

Now that Weebly for Education is shutting down and Google has officially banned Blogger from Google Workspace for Education (for those under 18), the only good blogging option for students that I can recommend now is Edublogs unless you want to go the self-catering route. And if you were using Weebly for Education for digital portfolios, I would recommend you take a look at Google Sites, The spaces, or toggle.


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