Video screenshot via Carolina Panthers

On Sunday, The Carolina Panthers statue outside Bank of America Stadium came to life. Something from the 2021 NFL season had awakened it, and a fierce creature jumped around the arena in the start-up phase and started the New York Jets.

The viewers were not imagine it — the national football team confirmed the observation on a tweet and introduced a new “mixed reality panther”.

In the clip distributed to the whole world to see, the big cat is recorded by scaling the video boards and tearing the competitor’s flag before jumping on the field and mixing with the players.

Some viewers have shouted jokingly at the team for cheating during this secret attack. “It seems unfair to the other team, assuming the big cat knows everything about football,” one Redditor commented. “Right. This matter will rule. I want to review the rules, ”the other replied.

According to eyewitnesses the moment shone on top of the jumbotron, so no one was injured at the scene.

[via r/Damnthatsinteresting, video and cover image via Carolina Panthers]



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