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Netflix has built a name in the anime industry with a well-received original and a full list of popular series and movies.

Recently, the streaming service took it a step further and opened an anime lounge in Tokyo to provide authors with professional tools and support.

By Variety, the new Anime Creators ‘Base is based in Netflix’ s Tokyo office and is staffed by two veterans: Namiko Ishidate and Saina Cisse. These two designers guide and help new creators, helping them develop their ideas and hone their art.

“When first watched the hit series Keep your hands off Eizouken!, an inspiring story about three high school students who came together to form an animation club, I got excited about the idea of ​​creating a space where creative minds could gather, ”says Taiki Sakurai, Netflix’s main anime producer.

“It reminded me that creative processes should always be driven by passion and fun. ”

Anime Creators’ Base, Although now open, it is still being refurbished to support three unique areas: a designers ’garage, a writers’ garage, and a multi-purpose lab.

By CBR, the Designers section provides artists with tools to conceptualize the aesthetic direction of their project, while the Writers section provides them with assistance in writing and editing screenplays.

Multifunctional laboratory, On the other hand, it provides space for content producers to try out new animation technologies, including virtual reality and motion capture features.

“When we think there are three classic stages in the process: pre-production, production and mailing. We want to do the service phase even before that. Concept art, picture boards, rough models, ”Sakurai explained.

Authors can choose to present original ideas, although Netflix is ​​also happy with customizations to existing programs. Some of the company’s most popular anime series, including Castlevania and Seven death sins, were restarts.

“If we think so The design adaptations are suitable for restarting an existing Manga asset, we get the Creators Base people to work on it and maybe bring it to the (IP) publisher and ask them what they think, ”Sakurai added.

Interested in how such innovative and creative space look? Enjoy a virtual tour of the Creator Base below, guided by Netflix’s anime ambassador N-ko Mei Kurono.

[via CBR, cover image via Netflix Anime]



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