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Regardless of the time from the day dark space has been taking over the screens for years, and Google is finally catching up. Its search engine, without a doubt the most used tool on the Internet, gets a dark theme.

Inside something new message On Google’s support site, Search Product Support Manager Hung F. announced that the company has begun releasing the Dark version — a highly coveted feature — for Google Search on a computer. This option has become available to some users, and Google assures that a complete transition will occur “in the coming weeks.”

Based on appearance of some user-shared screenshots, the dark theme will be popular with many. Why? you ask. The setting picks back the visual clutter by removing all the colors of the Google logo, while the links and buttons gently blend into the charcoal-gray background.

Google has done this view is optional, so don’t worry if you like the classic rainbow logo brand. Dark mode is currently only available in the desktop version of Search.

If you want to see you already have access to a dark theme, scroll down to the bottom of the Google search homepage and select Settings> Search settings. If you see the “Appearance” option in the left sidebar, congratulations, you can take advantage of your tilt to the dark side.

If you have option and to enable this view, click Device Default, then Dark, and then click Save to make it your default setting.

When activated, the dark theme appears on the Google homepage, search results pages, search settings, and other parts of the search.

With all the hours grayscale Google would help reduce eye strain.

[via Mashable, cover image via Wikimedia Commons (public domain)]



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