Old logo (left) VS new logo (right). Pictures via Wikimedia Commons andABC

Scrubbing off ABC has unveiled its flat brand varnish for glossy distractions at sea, and introduced a flat, redesigned logo reminiscent of Paul Rand in 1962.

Although the update had been leaked months ahead, Variety says the model officially appeared on television Bachelorette final on August 9th. The network commissioned a brand office Trollbäck + Company to complete the reform and is currently working with its divisions and subsidiaries to introduce the new logo in stages.

ABC logo has been polished over several years, but the latest version returns a matte look that looks as simple as A, B, C. Design enthusiasts are likely to recognize the odod of Paul Rand’s original work, although a few improvements have been made to support mobile screens of all sizes.

Paul Randin ABC logo (1962)

Picture through Wikimedia Commons

Old logo (left) VS new logo (right). Pictures via Wikimedia Commons andABC

Facelift features typographic changes to a point, the round symbol is officially called. Lowercase counters (spaces) are now more rounded and turn into almost perfect circles. By Variety, these circuits will be included in the company’s animation system.

Maybe more clearly is the extra foot space between the characters and the earth for readability. As you have been told, a small social distance would do you good.

Across the board, ABC introduces “timeless, unique, and bold” Heldanen and GT as America’s primary fonts.

“We felt it was It’s time to develop the overall look of the network to make it more vibrant, modern, and fresher, ”Shannon Ryan, Hulu’s director of content marketing and ABC’s parent company, Disney General Entertainment, told the news channel. Ryan described the reform as “visually representing our strategy and diverse programming skills.”

[via >Variety, images via various sources]



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