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Sonos is raising prices for many of its speakers to address the global semiconductor shortage. Some speakers only go up by $ 10 or $ 20, while products like the Arc soundbar face a price hike of $ 100. Price increases effective September 12.

Despite the bad news, Sonos is selling more speakers than ever. The company grew 33% in the first half of 2021, according to a recent earnings call. But like many companies, Sonos has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic by bending over and ordering fewer components than usual. Sonos expected sales to decline, and now it’s struggling to keep up with increased demand. (Chipmakers are operating at full capacity due to increased demand across industries, so Sonos can’t just “order more chips”.)

Okay, that’s enough deliberation. Here are all the new Sonos speaker prices, plus the amount they’ve increased:

  • Wander: $ 180 (price increase of $ 10)
  • A: $ 220 (price increase of $ 20)
  • An SL: $ 200 (price increase of $ 20)
  • Five: $ 550 (price increase of $ 50)
  • Under: $ 750 (increase of $ 50)
  • Amplifier: $ 700 (increase of $ 50)
  • Bow: $ 900 ($ 100 price increase)

Keep in mind that some products, like the Sonos Boost and Move, don’t face a price hike.

It’s a shame to see small products like the Sonos One face a 10% price increase, as they’re among the only speakers in the Sonos lineup that aren’t prohibitively expensive. We expect this price increase to be permanent, although anything is possible.

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