The iPhone 12 is a great phone, and getting one now may be better than waiting for the next iPhone.

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Apple’s next iPhone, which we hope to be called iphone 13, could reveal itself in a few days. Although it is not yet confirmed, Apple hosts event on September 14 where we expect the new iPhone line to debut, and if it does, there will be a price drop for the iPhone 12. Mainly depending on your personal budget and IPhone Wish List, you may only need some features that you can find in earlier Apple products like the iPhone 12, iPhone 11 Where iPhone SE, or can enter the rumored iPhone SE 3.

If you don’t know which path to take, that’s understandable. But don’t stress. This guide explains when you should consider buying an iPhone now without waiting a few more days. This way you can be sure you made the right decision.

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If you’re still using an outdated iPhone, you might be trying to decide if an immediate upgrade to an iPhone 12 makes sense.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Are you using an old, obsolete iPhone?

One of the best reasons to buy a new phone is if your current phone is hopelessly outdated. If you have a iPhone 11, upgrade to a iPhone 12 now probably not worth it. You won’t see enough difference in performance and features, especially compared to what will probably come with the iPhone 13. However, if you can hang in there until the next iPhone is released, your patience will stand a chance to be rewarded.

The math is very different for older iPhone owners like the iPhone X series. Opting for the iPhone 12 gives you an advanced A14 Bionic processor, as well as an OLED display. Both of these improvements represent a massive upgrade from phones from just a few years ago.

That said, if your phone still turns on and does everything you need to wait a few more days. Phones as far back as 2015 iPhone 6S are capable of running iOS 14 and will be updated to iOS 15, so there’s no reason to take the leap unless your phone is really broken.

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The need for 5G speed

Wireless 5G is not available everywhere and its capabilities have been a little exaggerated. Having said that, the IPhone 12 is the first and currently only 5G compatible iPhone. So if you have a burning desire to connect to and access 5G cellular networks, then the iPhone 12 will immediately scratch that itch. Of course, the iPhone 13 will most likely be tied to 5G as well, so waiting is fine too.

Living with a damaged iPhone screen is never fun.

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Cracked screen, bad battery and other reasons to get that new iPhone now

Living with a device that has been damaged or malfunctions is difficult. For example, it’s hard to ignore a broken screen since you see the fault daily. The same goes for a failing battery that can’t hold as much charge as it could before. If your iPhone suffers from these types of frustrating issues, an immediate upgrade to an iPhone 12 is warranted.

The iPhone 12’s ceramic protective screen held up well in our torture tests.

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IPhone 12 has a ceramic display

One of the big improvements of the iPhone 12 is the material of its screen. Apple calls it “ceramic shield” glass. Made by Corning, the protective ceramic glass covering the phone screen is harder than most metals. Indeed, we can confirm the toughness of the ceramic shield of the iPhone 12. When we put the iPhone 12 to the test, the handset won brilliantly. So if you’re a fat klutz prone to slips and falls, jumping for that current iPhone is a wise move. Those who think they can avoid accidents may want to wait, however. The iPhone 13 will likely also have a ceramic display.

New features in preparation

The iPhone 13 will certainly come with some whole new features that the iPhone 12 lacks. If the rumor mill is correct, the device will have a 120 Hz screen and would be the first iPhone to do so. Right now, the iPhone 12’s screen has a refresh rate of 60Hz. The faster refresh rate will result in smoother and faster scrolling of apps and websites. Apple will likely improve the iPhone 13’s camera as well, which the company does every year. Also keep in mind that Apple only provides software updates to their phones for a limited time. Wait too long and you will end up being stuck on the latest operating system.

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Price can be the deciding factor

As the saying goes, money speaks. If you can find a good deal on the iPhone 12, that may be enough to allay your indecision. You may be considering changing operators. If so, the wireless service provider you want to move to may have trade-in offers that could offset a large portion of the cost of a new phone. Also consider waiting for the announcement of the iPhone 13, especially in a few days. The prices of the iPhone 12 should then fall. It depends on what the iPhone 13 turns out to be, getting a seriously discounted iPhone 12 may be a better option.

And although we don’t know for sure what the prices of new iPhone models would be, we made educated guesses. There is a good chance that the iPhone 13 line will be similar in price to the iPhone 12 line. Again, Apple could sell it for a lot less. Samsung and Google have asked for less money for the Galaxy S20 FE and Pixel 5 in 2020. The Samsung galaxy s21 had a $ 200 discount from the previous model.

Crossed fingers.

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