Apple is captioning this event “California streaming”.


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Although we don’t yet know what exactly will happen Apple’s “California streaming” event on September 14 we suspect the next iPhone, probably called the iPhone 13, and a new Apple Watch Series 7 will debut. The event, which will be held virtually, could show a new iphone design as well as improvements to the camera and other specifications. Apple has not discussed its plans for the devices, other than a mention of four new iPhones in Federal Communications Commission filing.

The most dramatic change for the new iPhones, aside from the best cameras Apple always tends to offer, would be the ability to make calls and send SMS in case of emergency when there is no cell coverage. In general, however, they are expected to continue to rely on 5G wireless technology for everyday connectivity.

The iPhone 13 comes a year after one of Apple’s most successful launches, with the iPhone 12 powered by 5G. The device offered the first major iPhone design overhaul since 2017, when Apple introduced its $ 1,000. iPhone X, with its new face unlock design and better screen technology. A survey conducted before the iPhone 12 was announced by Decluttr, a device recycler and reseller, found that 53% of those surveyed planned to buy the new iPhone, triggering what analysts call a “supercycle” of phone upgrades.

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What to expect at the September Apple event


Apple saw an increase in iPhone sales in the three months following the release of the iPhone 12. In January, the company said iPhone sales during the holidays jumped 17% from the previous year, helping the company to achieve its highest turnover and profits ever.

“It is not far from our mind that this result crowns the most difficult year any of us can remember,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said on a call with investors after releasing the company’s financial results. “It’s an understatement to say that the challenges it posed to Apple as a company are laughable compared to the challenges it posed to Apple as a community of individuals, employees, their families. and to the communities in which we live and love to call home. “

“These results show the central role our products have played in helping our users meet these challenges,” Cook added.

While Apple is likely to offer a compelling upgrade to some customers, it is happening at a time of turmoil both within and outside the tech industry. For a year and a half, the pandemic forced Apple, Microsoft, Sony and many other tech companies to own online events.

The virus has disrupted the lives of billions of people around the world, forcing entire countries to self-quarantine in an effort to stop its spread. These disruptions have also slowed manufacturing and shipping around the world, exacerbating parts shortages that have delayed production of new computers, cars and video game consoles.

So far, Apple has been able to keep products largely in stock, analysts say, in part thanks to the wise management of its supply chain.

While the iPhone will be a key product we’ll see at Apple’s event this year, and probably what most people are focusing their attention on, the company should have other devices to show. These include new Mac computers with improved chips and new iPad.

When is the Apple event?

Apple’s online event only will be September 14 at 10 a.m. PT, or 1 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. BST, and September 15 at 3 a.m. AEST. (Sorry, Australia.)

Where can I watch Apple’s live stream?

You will be able to stream the Apple event directly from the company website. Meanwhile, we’ll be reporting the event live here at CNET.

What can we expect, other than the launch of the iPhone 13?

Apple’s digital events are fast-paced and produced smoothly. And there are at least a joke or two that they throw to keep you entertained. Maybe they’ll even make a joke about moms and dads, but don’t bet on it.


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