The most important event this fall is coming soon! We mean listing DBX IDs. DBX appears to be ready for the market in early September.

The long-awaited listing of the DBX cryptocurrency takes place on seven major stock exchanges. Users can already buy, sell and exchange IDs. Many managed to raise funds during the pre-sale and air landing.

You can see the full list of cryptographic exchanges and the listing start dates below:


So, the DBX ID is listed on Stock Exchange 1st 5th September 2021. The online coin first placement service is Bitforex, one of the leading trading venues in the cryptocurrency industry.

Later it is:

  • BitMart (as of September 10, 2021) – which is among the 20 largest stock exchanges;
  • Lbank (as of September 15, 2021) world-class Chinese stock exchange;
  • WhiteBit (as of September 20, 2021) world-class licensed stock exchange, registered in Estonia;
  • Latoken (as of September 25, 2021) – an advanced platform that is among the top 20 in terms of 2019 turnover;
  • Probit (as of September 30, 2021) – an exchange among the top 20 cryptocurrencies;
  • Coinsbit (as of October 5, 2021) – licensed exchange.

What is DBX?

DBX is a completely new digital ecosystem in a peer-to-peer financial network. The anonymous cryptocurrency for outright transactions does not have a central authority or server to act as an intermediary. The property is maintained by the users themselves.

The benefits of DBX

User confidence in DBX is based on a fully decentralized system based on accounting principles in a distributed block chain, which prevents DBX coin counterfeiting or double consumption. Also, DBX provides completely Anonymous events at the user’s request, is interchangeable and valuable.

The DBX digital ecosystem attracts users with its benefits:

  1. Return on investment. Masternode’s monthly savings will increase the investor’s portfolio from day one. Fixed fees for investment assets apply to holders.
  2. Project development. The ecosystem is constantly expanding. The increase in the number of projects creates an investment cushion.
  3. Prospects for asset growth. The digital ecosystem is a tool for the rapid growth of investment assets.
  4. Risk diversification. DBX cryptocurrency is a provider of risk diversification to investors in legalized locations around the world. An investor can easily exit DBX without touching fiat currencies through instruments such as real estate, commodities, commodities and the stock market.
  5. Convenient management. ID management via electronic wallet.


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