What, your Philips Hue bulbs aren’t fancy enough? Philips now offers its smart filament bulbs with Ambiance lighting effects in warm and cold tones. The company also unveiled its first equivalent of 75 watts (1,100 lumens) White and Ambiance Color bulbs, which are perfect for shaded or recessed light fixtures.

As Bulbrite’s smart filament bulb, Philips new Ambiance Filament bulbs can switch between warm and cool tones to help you stay focused or relax throughout the day. They mimic the rustic look of old-fashioned light bulbs by using filament-shaped LEDs and lack the chunky diffusions of most smart bulbs. You can tune these bulbs to Philips’ new daylighting scene, forcing them to follow a 24 hour pattern that matches outdoor lighting throughout the day.

Along with its new filament bulbs, Philips plans to sell an E14 white filament candle bulb. This tiny 300 lumen bulb fits into small fixtures to add a bit of a classic vibe to a room.

The new Philips Hue Color Ambient 1100 lumens bulbs.

Philips’ new 75-watt (1,100 lumen) equivalent White and Color Ambiance bulbs are just brighter versions of the company’s current White and Color bulbs. Funny enough, they cost the same as the dimmer models – $ 25 and $ 50, respectfully. Philips says 100-watt (1,600 lumen) equivalent versions of these bulbs will arrive in October.

Interestingly, Philips also announced a new Infuse ceiling light, coming next January. We don’t know much about this light, but it’s colorful and will cost $ 30.

The new Philips Hue Ambiance Filament bulbs are available now, starting at $ 35 ($ 10 more than the white only Filament bulbs). Philips only sells its filament bulbs with E26 bases, but plans to sell the ST23 and G40 versions in October. The company’s filament candle bulb is available for $ 30 (or $ 50 for a two-pack) and the company’s 75-watt equivalent. White Where Ambiance Color bulbs cost $ 25 and $ 50, respectfully.


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