Picture through Chinese Occupied Space Agency

It has been revealed that Chinese scientists are investigating a possible megaship to be assembled into orbit and want it to stretch for miles.

By report South China Morning Post (SCMP), The Chinese National Science Foundation made the proposal as part of the country’s aerospace strategy, which has increased significantly this year. Tiangong station in April. It is to be introduced for long-term crew duties.

It’s also it was said that the proposal calls this project “a very large spacecraft that will cover kilometers”. Whether it is long and narrow or whether it has some width or depth is not known at this stage.

The SCMP reports that the published plan states that several launches will be required to complete the spacecraft and the actual assembly will be carried out in space. Otherwise, it would be too heavy and large to launch all at once once it is fully assembled.

Scientists are now, However, his task is a very difficult one: to find ways to minimize the total weight of the spacecraft in order to calculate the total amount and cost of all launches needed in space.

In addition Therefore, the structures must be fully optimized for safety. All parts that vibrate, drift, or rotate uncontrollably during assembly are extremely dangerous. And all this must be done within the budget.

This is one on 10 proposals from the Foundation’s Departments of Mathematics and Physics. It is reported that a total of five projects with a budget of 15 million yuan ($ 2.3 million) will be funded.

[via Interesting Engineering, image via China Manned Space Agency]



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