When creating a new digital art project, it is important that you have the right tools ready to get the job done. Sometimes it means software. At other times, this means special tools within said software. And if you want to create 3D effects for your work, Photoshop features may be exactly what you need most.

The following is a concise collection of Photoshop features that streamline the creation of 3D effects. Add depth to the text. Add shadows and depth of field. Create isometric effects. No matter what the main goal you have for your illustration, these steps will simplify the creation of a 3D layout, which may well free up time for other important tasks.

No more delays. Let’s go to the collection.

This 3D isometric Photoshop feature makes it easy to turn text, vector-based shapes, smart objects, layer groups, and pixel layers into images that look like real 3D objects. This feature works in two different directions and includes 12 shadow sizes, 10 extrusion sizes, light to light and shadow, and more.

Here is another fantastic option. Concept 3D Sketch Photoshop Action turns any photo into a technical sketch that preserves 3D elements. It can work with an image of any subject and creates a highly detailed image that you can use in many situations. It also comes with a complete tutorial.

Concept 3D sketch of Photoshop activity

3D text effect Photoshop Action is another text effect that turns your graphics into realistic 3D objects. The results retain all the details and colors and can be adjusted based on the direction and size of the extrusion, the direction and size of the shadow and light, the custom colors and fonts. A complete PDF help file is included, so getting started is easy.

3D text effect Photoshop operation

Give your artwork an old-fashioned stereoscopic 3D look with this Anaglyph 3D Photoshop feature. It adds this effect to your photos with a single click and the end result really works with real 3D glasses. It has 8 different functions and does not destroy the original image in the process.

Anaglyph 3D Photoshop function

Here’s another great option for adding a 3D effect to your images. This gives your image a stereoscopic 3D look with just a few clicks. It automatically creates layer groups and is indestructible, so the original image remains the same. It also comes with a text file to guide you through the entire process.

Photoshop functions for the 3D effect

The 3D text creation features include an awesome 65 separate features that allow you to convert text layers to 3D text graphics. They work in four directions, can be used to create solid, smooth, or translucent 3D text, and include five outline styles. All levels are fully customizable and these actions are indestructible.

3D text creation functions

What an interesting effect this is! 3D Dispersion Photoshop Action works by taking pictures and making them look as if they have broken up into small three-dimensional pieces and these pieces are flying away. This scatter effect can be quickly applied to your photos and you can choose from four different motion directions.

3D scatter Photoshop function

The animated 3D Parallax Duotone Action works by creating a 3D stereoscopic GIF file. It works by creating a looping animation of two layers. Other features include 25 color print, thumbnail preview, fully customizable layers, and a quick guide.

Animated 3D Parallax Duotone action

Giving a shiny gold effect to text has never been easier with the Gold 3D Text Effect Photoshop Action. This provides a realistic result that is very easy to implement. With just one click, you get the finished layers. It works with text, vectors, pixel layers, smart objects and more. It also has a smart shadow with which you can play. And a video tutorial is included.

Golden 3D text effect Photoshop

Here’s another great way to add 3D effects to text elements in your graphics. A few clicks and you will see the results. You can use it for backgrounds and more. It comes with 6 PSD files that affect smart objects. It also comes with a help file that contains instructions and fonts.

Real 3D text templates Photoshop functions

Now this is a funny thing. Isometric Illustration 3D Photoshop Generator makes it easy to create Isometric Illustrations from all types of images. Apply it to shapes, vectors, smart objects, group layers, pixel layers, or text. It works in 4 directions, you can choose from ten depth sizes and has a total of 40 different functions.

Isometric illustration of a 3D Photoshop generator

The last on our list is another animated option. Stunning 3D animated GIF from a single image with just a few clicks. It uses a parallax effect to create a transition to the image layers. When it plays back, it creates a 3D illusion. It comes with 3 different vintage-style color settings, a help file, and a video file.

Animated stereoscopic operation of 3D photography

How to install Photoshop functions

  1. Download and extract the action file
  2. Start Photoshop
  3. Mene Window> Functions
  4. choose Download functions menu and select the folder where you have saved the extracted activity file
  5. The function is now installed
  6. If you want to use the function you just installed, look for it in Activities panel
  7. To see a list of available functions, click the triangle to the left of the function name
  8. Click the function you want to play and press the play button at the bottom of it Functions panel

While the ability to create 3D images may seem daunting at first, it’s actually quite easy as long as the toolkit has the right tools. With this range of Photoshop features to create 3D effects, you should drive hours away from the workflow, and the results are sure to please. Happy creation!


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