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Do you, Like most people, do you have trouble remembering your credit card number? One key way to preserve is to give it meaning. Luckily for you, these mysterious numbers really represent something, and this new video Half more interesting the channel breaks them down.

Above all, your primary credit card number – the 16 digits that make up the front – is actually divided into three parts. It’s interesting to know, but dive deeper.

the first six to eight digits identify the card issuer, first number itself indicates the nature of the business (one or two for airlines, three for travel, 4-6 for banking and so on). The credentials of Visa, MasterCard and American Express cardholders also exist.

And the last number, played ‘Check the number‘, is the result of a formula between all other numbers. The machines use it to make sure the credit card number is valid. enter a number incorrectly and they will automatically know it is incorrect without the database executing it.

Find out more cunning trivia about your credit card in the video below.

[via Boing Boing, cover image 151657816 © Apichon Pechnun | Dreamstime.com]



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