More and more women are turning to the stock market. And sometimes very successfully, as can be seen from the new infographics from the encryption area. However, it is still too early to talk about the equal interest of women and men in the financial world. Women account for only about 15% of active traders.


More carefully and sustainably

But why is that so? Women are often less concerned about the economy and regret it later. In the UBS Womans Wealth Study 2021, most of the women surveyed said they would advise younger people to think about their retirement plans and financial planning at an early stage. You should also represent an equal budget style in the partnership and draw up budget plans.

Many wealthy women can imagine using their wealth to combat climate change. In practice, it could look like this in green plants or large ones, for example ETFs with a focus on sustainable development invested.

But there are not just differences in investment behavior between men and women in terms of interest rates. There are also different preferences when choosing a financial product. Women use funds or ETFs more often than men. So we could talk about a little more cautious investment behavior.

Men, on the other hand, are more willing to take risks and use individual stocks, such as stocks, more often than women. But what shares should it be? German men and women largely agree. The most popular stock of both sexes is Deutsche Telekom shares. Secondly, it is for men and women Daimler Aktie iis in stock.

Women produce more

Slightly more cautious investment behavior seems to favor women. According to a study conducted by ING Germany in 2019, the average return of women is 0.6% higher than that of men.

So are women better investors? Of course, there is no general answer to the question. In any case, most women should look more closely at financial products. First, so you don’t have to regret it later, you didn’t do it earlier. And second, because women are still under-represented in the financial world, even though they are, on average, even slightly more successful than men.


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