The countdown starts with the launch of Odoo 15!


Let’s see what it offers you…

Every year, Odoo amazes everyone with great releases of all new versions of Odoo. Odoo helps you to manage your business perfectly with several modules. Significant features already exist Odoo has released the latest version 14.

However, Odoo believes in polishing itself as it always amazes everyone with its features in the new version every time.

Let’s see what we got up to Odoo version 14

  • In 2005, Tiny ERP was launched; which is Odoo ‘s first release
  • With the launch of Version 5, it changed its name to Open ERP to Version 7. In addition, it developed improved web service and usability.
  • ODOO 8 came with an online store, which is one of the most popular modules.
  • When Odoo version 9 was released, it was distributed in different editions.
  • In 2017, ODOO 11 came up with wonders like ODOO Studio, which helps create applications.
  • Odoo 12 presented exceptions such as document management, IoT devices, multiple websites and more.
  • However, e-learning became an attraction at Odoo 13;
  • Odoo 14 came with several snippets on the Odoo website, a PWA option in the Odoo website event, a live broadcast feature, and more.

So the wait to know the new expected features of Odoo 15 ends here;

Expected Features Odoo 15

Odoo 15 has come up with a number of exciting features that can give a whole different direction to effective business management. In addition, Odoo is now 3.5 times faster, which of course cannot be ignored. Some of the important Odoo 15 features are listed in this blog; review how your business can benefit from them.

Recently introduced background features in Odoo 15

You can mark products as favorites

Mark products as favorites at Odoo 15

You can filter your favorite products

Separate your favorite products with Odoo 15 filters

Create a product as a gift card

Create a product as a gift card

Possibility to add the customer’s signature to the sales order

Add the customer's signature to the sales order

Manage the ribbons of products displayed on the Odoo website

Manage the ribbons of products displayed on the Odoo website

Ribbon added to products

Ribbon added to products

Submit the configuration later in the Odoo POS service

POS Ship Later Configuration Odd 15

New widget introduced

Widget for everyday life

Profiling tool

Profiling tool in Odoo 15

Mail extension

Mail Plugin feature in Odoo 15

CRM Multiteam

CRM Multiteam option in Odoo 15

Rule – based task

Rule-based task in Odoo version 15

Stay on the store page

Stay on the Odoo Shop page

Gift card option for payment

Gift card option for payment

Product packaging

Product packaging option

Network assumptions

Network assumptions

Task dependencies

Task Dependency Option in Odoo Version 15

Coupons and offers for POS

Coupons and offers for Odoo POS version 15

Odoo version 15 for business growth

The new features of Odoo 15 can help you manage your business ideally. You can improve more by editing. So Odoo 15 offers a lot of opportunities for users and developers to explore future possibilities.

Webkul has a well-known reputation in the market because we are constantly inventing innovative modules for Odoo and other large e-commerce and ERP platforms such as Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, etc. over the past 11 years.

The new features of Odoo 15 offer new opportunities to improve and enhance it for our customers and users.

Only Lift the support ticket here our support team with your questions so we can provide you with the best possible solutions.

Let’s do it with Odo!

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