The latest version, Vivaldi 4.1, includes new tab settings, enabling and disabling tab stacks, and opening external links in the browser. Now available for Android and Chromebooks.

Hot heels Vivaldi 4.0, where we introduced Turn Vivaldi, a private translation tool, we now have a new version for you – Vivaldi 4.1 for Android.

We love options. We are also happy to listen to your suggestions. Therefore, this latest update contains new, flexible options keeping you and your online habits in mind.

We have added a new option to open external pages in Vivaldi instead of launching other applications.

There’s also a new tab option that gives you a variety of options when you open a new tab. We’ve also added a high-demand option to enable and disable tab stacks the way you want, including several improvements to tab usage.

If you have mobile phones and tablets with Android 5 or later, or an up-to-date Chromebook, you can download Vivaldi 4.1 for free.

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Stay in Vivaldi. Your browser, your home.

At Vivaldi, we are passionate about providing solutions. The browser is built-in Ad Blocker (disabled by default), tracking protection, notes, Page captureand much more are all useful options with flexibility.

All features are built-in based on your needs and feedback. You may not want to install all applications on your device, either because you do not trust the application, or you prefer to do all your work securely in your browser.

In this sense, the new option now allows you to open external pages in Vivaldi instead of launching other applications, giving you more control. This is especially handy for links where the external handler is set to an application that you do not want to install.

For example, clicking a YouTube link will open the video in Vivaldi and not take you to the YouTube app.

In addition to convenience, this option has advantages. People need to install apps on everything these days, which means software that just sits on their phones. Software that is prone to bit rats if the application developer doesn’t bother to keep it up to date and can end up as an attacker’s starting point.

You can easily activate this setting by going to V icon> Settings> Web pages> Stay in browser.

Open a new tab? Learn about the settings for the new tabs.

With each update, we focus on simplifying your Android browsing.

We’ve been wondering how you can use tabs more easily and efficiently. The New Tab Location option allows you to open a tab from the following four options:

  • After related tabs: New tabs share a “parent-child” relationship — if you open a link on the current tab, a new tab will open next to the “parent”
  • After the active tab: Open a new tab next to the current active tab (this is the default)
  • As the last tab: Open a new tab at the end of the tabs
  • Tab Stack and Related Tab: Opens a new tab stack with the active tab and a new tab

Go to to find a new setting V icon> Settings> New Tab Location.

Enable or disable tab stacks. Keep it your own way!

Tab stacks allow you to group multiple tabs into a single tab space, so there are fewer spaces Tab changer. When you tap a stack, you can access all of its tabs.

There are more reasons to use tabs in this update. If you want the tab stacks (groups) to stay organized, you can easily enable them (off by default to avoid annoying those who don’t want to use them).

Like all other Vivaldi, they can be disabled if you wish. You can enable or disable tab stacks settings, mene V icon> Settings> Tabs> Enable tab stack.

Make yourself at home with Vivaldi 4.1 for Android. Get it now.

Thank you for using Vivaldi. Let us know what you think in the comments below.
We are already developing more useful features and functions for you. So check out this space and have fun browsing!

See the change log below for more information.

Get it on Google Play
Get it from Uptodown

Change log from version 4.0 to version 4.1

  • [New][Settings] New tab location VAB-4162
  • [New][Settings] Open external pages in Vivaldi VAB-3979
  • [New][Tab stack] Allows you to enable or disable tab stacking VAB-4113
  • [Address bar] A better way to edit a URL VAB-4280
  • [Address bar] The blocker icon appears in the address bar when retrieving VAB-4367
  • [Ad Blocker] Exceptions must accept URLs VAB-4275
  • [Bookmarks] The Android back command closes the bookmarks instead of going up VAB-1821
  • [Panels] Vivaldi: History and other original page URLs opens two panels VAB-4234
  • [QR code] The QR code reader does not open download links VAB-4153
  • [Settings] Does not delete data when the back button is pressed twice VAB-4015
  • [Settings] The first tab does not follow the Always show desktop site setting VAB-4278
  • [Share] Impossible to share links to Vivaldi on Android VAB-4283
  • [Share] Sharing links to Vivaldi will not work properly if Vivaldi is closed VAB-4292
  • [Start Page] Automatic default card speed dial auto size VAB-4258
  • [Start Page] Shortcuts whose default color changes color VAB-4075
  • [Sync] Improvements VB-80783
  • [Sync] The password form is not protected VAB-4199
  • [Translate] Collect more strings as you scroll to improve the experience VB-80346
  • [Translate] Some textual content is not translated on some pages due to html comments VB-80433
  • [Tablet] The search engine suggestion layout is misaligned VAB-3940
  • [Tabs] The Close All Tabs option does not open when the address bar is at the bottom VAB-4146
  • [Tab stack] The browser crashes when tab stacks are disabled, but the tab stack is still open VAB-4271
  • [Tab stack] Do not change the style of the navigation bar when you open the tab group dialog box VAB-4141
  • [Tab stack] Do not show tab stack in the context menu when the feature is disabled VAB-4197
  • [Tab stack] Open in a group on a new tab does not work in incognito mode VAB-4237
  • [Tab stack] Should be enabled by default VAB-4281
  • [Tab stack] Swipe between groups of tabs to activate the tab VAB-4161
  • [Tab switcher] The view does not appear when the tab bar is at the bottom VAB-4273
  • [Toolbar] Swipe the address bar / toolbar UI error VAB-4178
  • [UI] The tab group must be renamed to a tab VAB-4173
  • Chromium was upgraded to 92.0.4515.126


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