Amidst the global deadlocks of the past year and a half, gaming has surprisingly gained great popularity, offering alternative forms of both home entertainment and social connectivity at a distance.

But even before 2020, gaming had already become a central part of online culture. In fact, most of YouTube most popular channels they have at least some connection to game culture, and as younger audiences have now grown to play as a social outlet, this impact will only increase over time.

Therefore, all marketers need to be aware of the major trends and changes in the gaming world.

The same is true for Twitter, where gaming-related tweets have steadily increased. In 2020, there were over 2 billion tweets gaming, which in turn suggests the popularity of the genre – and it also offers opportunities for branding, reaching out to influencers, and other potential promotional connections related to the industry.

Twitter is offering more information this week shared new information the platform’s evolving gaming debate, including key elements of growth and player interest.

Noteworthy in design – we’ve integrated Twitter new discoveries to the infographics below.


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