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At the end July The Muppets Studio unveiled its new logo on Twitter, a retro look strongly associated with the brand’s legacy. In a world where logos and fonts tend to be more stylish and cleaner than ever before, this definitely stands out.

The studio was was founded in 2004 when Disney acquired The Muppets from its previous owners, The Jim Henson Company. The last logo was a deliberately wistful, playful font in a shade of green that can be pleasantly addressed to one of the stars of the show, Kermit the Frog.

Old Muppets Studio logo. Picture through Wikimedia Commons

However, in the studio the previous logo did not “really represent” the studio, Muppets Studio VP, Leigh Slaughter, says Heavy pigs. Now the new black and white offering “represents the early flourishing of the Muppets and is reminiscent of a time when nostalgia for the Muppets is very strong”.

It has features An “instantly recognizable” text reminiscent of a 1970s intro Muppet Show series. And the gold used is similar to the gilded interior of the Muppets Theater. “We took it a little further by changing a few letters and elements so that it also gets a bit of a modern look,” Slaughter explains. “It’s part of the nod to our past and part of the nod to our future.”

No fan gold and black? Other versions of the logo are also coming. Just as the Disney logo changes in front of different movies, so can the Muppets Studio logo.

Usually new logos means new things are coming to the brand. Muppets Studio is no exception to this, as it is teasing its upcoming Disney + project, Muppets Haunted Mansionwhich will come this fall.

[via Creative Bloq, image via The Muppets Studio]



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