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Spotify is trying a new $ 0.99 subscription option that may encourage free users to take the next step, but is unlikely to be attractive enough for premium members without ads. The spokesman confirmed the news The Hollywood Reporter.

At a basic level, users can only play shuffled music and get six free jumps per hour. However, Spotify Plus, as the testing subscription option is called, would give them an unlimited number of jumps and the ability to choose their music.

Which sets Spotify Plus In addition to Premium, ads that still appear between songs, such as the free version.

The alternative is tested with a small group of users at “different price points” Hollywood reporter.

In the current, there is no confirmation that Spotify Plus will be the actual subscription level. “We always strive to improve the Spotify experience and do routine tests to inform our decisions … Some tests eventually pave the way for new offerings or improvements, while others can only offer learning,” Spotify told the entertainment bulletin.

Basically Spotify Plus is an ankle bullying about what could be on the other side for free members; but say so – would you be willing to ignore ads for $ 9 a month?

[via The Hollywood Reporter, cover photo 111390145 © David Molina | Dreamstime.com]



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