The company has built a state-of-the-art peer-to-peer betting platform. The Site will be officially opened when all licenses are valid in accordance with each state and their laws. Its betting platform was built on the Ethereum network. The traditional bookmaker model is centralized and has certain inherent disadvantages that make it less attractive to technology-savvy or valuable sports users, such as:

SportsYard is a decentralized sports betting. The betting exchange differs from the traditional bookmaker model (sports betting) in that users can bet against each other and not bet with the bookmaker. The exchange acts as an intermediary between the two users. Users can do one of two actions, they can either cancel or give a forecast. The user who bets on the correct result wins the amount bet.

Ethereum is an open source blockchain that includes all the benefits and features mentioned in the Blockchain Basics section. It is an event-based state machine called Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The state machine in this case is a canonical computer that enters a new state based on the inputs (events in this case). Block chain information is unchanged, cannot be deleted, but can be appended to the chain instead. Whenever a new event (new data) is added to a block chain, it is considered to have changed in state. Its status or data status is different because more data was added.

Sportsyard sells only to accredited investors.


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