Picture through ScreenX

Sony Pictures has just joined the Seoul-based CJ 4DPlex film technology company and signed a three-year deal where the production company’s 15 films will be screened on the panoramic, immersive ScreenX in more than 350 theaters around the world.

ScreenX is a multi-projection film experience that expands the traditional single film screen into a three-part view and expands the screen with which the film must be handled. Combined with CJ 4DPlex’s revolutionary experience-based viewing 4DX technology brings effects to bring the audience even closer to the scene. Movement-synchronized seats, weather effects, vibration, and scents blur the boundaries between watching a movie and riding a theme park.

First in lineup Is Venom: Let there be massacre in September, when viewers of the film can find themselves plunging directly into the film; for better or worse, given both notice the original film collected. Other scheduled items include e.g. Spider-Man: No way home and A man from Toronto.

“As audiences returning to cinemas after the pandemic, CJ4DPLEX is positioned better than ever with our high-quality and dynamic theater formats, ”explains Jongryul Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX. press release. Theaters are “clearly different” from home experiences and are expected to “encourage audiences to leave their homes and enjoy the theater experience again with friends and family.”

A traditional film release models have had to change drastically over the last decade to match the rise of streaming platforms. However, recent and unique experiences, such as Sony’s use of ScreenX combined with the itching to go to the real world after a pandemic, may well see a rise in box office revenues.

[via Gizmodo, image via ScreenX]



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