Picture through Porsche

Luxury cars it all starts somewhere: from the original draft, which shows the elegant silhouette and profile of the vehicle in its early stages. The German car company Porsche is now making one of these drafts available to the public for purchase and has two signature cars.

Peter Varga, Porsche’s Director of Exterior Design combines Taycan Cross Turismo and 911 models into a unique freehand sketch to be auctioned digitally SuperRare as a non-exchangeable mark (NFT). The winner will receive a physical copy of the draft alongside the NFT and the knowledge that they are the only person in the world to have it.

“The future and the past is combined with this drawing, ”Porsche declare. “The lines, silhouettes and proportions represent Porsche’s unique DNA and show that each model has part of the iconic 911. Innovative lines and the dynamic look of the airline point to Porsche’s future.”

This is not Porsche’s the first attack on the digital world; In June, the brand’s subsidiary Forward31 launched an NFT-based trading card platform, Fanzone. Given the exponential success of 2021, NFTs have so far been fairly certain that this is not likely to be its last NFT project.

The auction is ongoing August 2 – August 6, and the highest bid at the time of writing is 5.2 ETH (approximately $ 13,000). Proceeds from the auction will be donated to Viva con Agua, a charity focused on providing clean water and hygiene.

Picture through Porsche

[via Bitcoinist, image via Porsche]



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