Picture through Windows / Unsplash

Existence of Microsoft Paint has been on the rocks for years. First, the company left users destructive by announcing that it would leave permanently. It then last revoked that decision, stating that the basic graphics editor would be “can be upgraded through the Microsoft Store. “Now that MSPaint is once again a part of everyone’s life, it has been updated with a new modern look.

The Microsoft thing a rather unusual way to reveal a new design. By Creative blog, a technology giant first removed layers of paint by quietly posting a photo to a free photo website Remove splashes.

Based on appearance From this visual, the updated MSPaint seems to be compatible with the new Microsoft Smooth design system, corresponding to Windows 11user interface. Menu buttons are no longer bounded by edges, while monochrome icons look round.

Especially the application Is optimized for contact, for which Windows 11 is also built. For a complete transition, Microsoft also revamped MSPaint icon back in April.

All in all, though a major reform, Paint seems to retain the simplicity from which it is most remembered. Take a peek below.

Picture through Windows / Unsplash

Picture through Windows / Unsplash

[via Creative Bloq, images via Windows / Unsplash]



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