KuCoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The KCS logo uses the exchange and the entire KuCoin ecosystem. The KCS brand is one of the altcoins that is doing well after the recent rise in altcoins caused by the growth of BTC.

The KuCoin logo trades at $ 10.32 at the time of writing after a 6.1% profit in 24 hours.

KCS price analysis

Source: Tradingview

KCS has been on the rise this week after gains in the broader cryptocurrency market. Due to the rise, KCS has retested the upper resistance levels and is now heading to test the $ 12 resistance level. If KCS breaks more than $ 12, it can prepare for the rally towards $ 15 and $ 17. Market signals show that KCS is a good buy; thus, an upward trend in purchasing aid may occur.

However, if market support fails, such an increase may not occur and KCS may retest lower levels. In this case, KCS could retest the $ 8 lower support. If the correction is steeper, the downtrend could stop at around $ 6 and stabilize at that level.

There is currently no market support as BTC has withdrawn to around $ 37,000 and if altcoins mimics this trend, we can see a drop in KCS.

The KuCoin block chain has developed real use cases that led to an increase in KCS prices in mid-July. Block chain announced that it hosts a KuKuSwap distributed exchange. KuKuSwap is a decentralized financing (DeFi) protocol designed to enhance the trading experience and provide access to new funds.

The KuCoin block chain is also working to increase its popularity and increase demand for its block and Kucoin brands. Company recently collaborated with Blockwiz, a marketing company that adds hype around KCS in the cryptographic community. Blockwiz was also involved in the dogecoin campaign for KCS.

Where to buy KCS

To purchase KuCoin accounts, you can create a cryptocurrency exchange account for the following platforms:

One of the most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges where you can buy KCS is eToro. eToro is one of the leading stock exchanges and supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs. eToro also charges low trading fees and has user-friendly features.

Another platform where you can buy KCS is from the KuCoin exchange. Like eToro, KuCoin also supports a copy trade feature that allows new traders to learn from market experts. KuCoin also supports a wide range of altcoins.

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