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YEEZY day -or August 2 for non-sneakerheads — was supposed to be an exciting event this year. Fans eagerly awaited the release of new YEEZY products and accessories on an hourly basis on the YEEZY Supply website, the Adidas website, and the Adidas-validated app.

However, many fans Kanye West’s shoe brand was left shocked and empty-handed, and most of the accusations were against scalpers, bots and poor retail management.

By Pass, before publishing, multiple Twitter users complained that the Confirmed application had already crashed. An error page was also seen on the YEEZY Supply site, referring to a “security issue” that prevented consumers from accessing publications.

Instead of by preventing scalper bots from buying shoes, the sites ’“ security measures ”prevented real consumers from getting footwear. Rumors on social media said more robots bought shoes than real customers, and the bits of the bot users added fuel to the fire.

“Trickle was destroyed JEEZY Day yesterday. 1132 pairs alone with @tricklebot, ”read one of the tweets, with reference to the bot used to obtain the shoes.

Another user they said Earn over $ 38,000 profit for only one day. Botti Twitter page shows many other users claiming to get up to hundreds of pairs of desired releases.

During YEEZY day The intention was to make the brand’s products accessible to consumers, but it didn’t go as planned. By preventing bots from accessing the sites, it seems that more scalpers than real fans got their hands on the goods and take them to the resale market for unreasonable fees.

Hope if YEEZY Day hurts again, sites are better equipped to stop the flood of robots snatching shoes.

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