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For many who make a trip to the IKEA store, hiding meatballs is a prize. Now, the Swedish furniture giant allows customers to take advantage of some benefits without footwork or calories by twisting a candle that smells like its famous HUVUDROLL meat bottles.

First report USA Today, limited edition The HUVUDROLL candle is part of IKEAStore in a box‘package celebrates the brand’s 10th anniversary of the U.S. Family Program. In addition to the scented product, other objects are expected that provide an “immersive sensory experience”.

Depending on how the smell of hungry meatballs hovering through your living room may be torture. However, as they say, much of the flavor comes from smells, so you might even be able to taste them oh-so-slightly at the tip of your tongue.

To get the package, buyers must participate in a lotteries, which runs from August 6 to August 22.

It is unclear what other sensual pleasures are kept in a box because IKEA only teases so much, so let’s see how they could possibly surpass the specialty of this tubular meatball.

[via USA Today and PAPER, images via various sources]



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