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As usual as you might be with a notch, imagine how much better an iPhone would look without it. It looks like Apple has already produced some patents that — although not specific to smartphones — could one day introduce Face ID, a front camera, and other parts of TrueDepth technology without a pill-shaped wedge.

BGR contours some of these archives in a new feature that includes the ability for Apple to migrate below the screen design. In one patent, granted July 27, Apple describes moving sensors that read 2D and 3D data below the screen, effectively enabling both Touch ID and Face ID. The device was able to analyze faces as well as scan fingerprints under the screen.

Pair Similar ideas for the technology under the display were put forward by Apple and acknowledged by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. July 20 and August 3.

Another way Apple could remove the notch by enabling it moving parts for displays, another concept put forward by the company in a patent document. When notched components are needed, such as when you want to unlock your phone, iPhone’s screen can slide down so the sensors can do their job. During this process, the content of the screen can even change with it and at the same speed, so it does not affect the user experience.

For the ignorant, without a physical home button, the notch is still a necessary feature because it has a TrueDepth camera system that allows face recognition. As for when to expect a non-slotted iPhone to hit the market, April 2021 report well-known technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is planning a date for 2023.

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