Danny Sullivan from Google confirmed Twitter that core updates can sometimes affect both image search and local search results. This comes after Danny said it core updates do not affect local results. But now he says “it depends” and can affect the content of all search types.

This happens after Glenn Gabe wrote a detailed paragraph on how core updates can affect image search. He showed examples of this and made Danny confirm it.

Danny said, “Basic updates can include image results or any content because they contain our core systems that contain all kinds of content. That’s why our page about them mentions ‘content’ so often.”

Then Danny, because he knows how my mind works (I’ve been working together for so many years), mentions that he told me before that kernel updates don’t affect local search:

So I asked him to confirm this and he said “it depends”.

Danny then explained how you can tell if the content type was affected, he said “usually if you see – as our post says -” broadly significant effects “, it’s a sign that the core update is affecting the content.” And Glenn gave an example from his blog post that also shows this:

So now you know that kernel updates can affect network results, image results, local results, Find results and even people also ask and more.

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