Maybe Google has started to prepare for the launch of its next Nest cameras, which is why they appeared in the company’s store for a very short time. Although the lists are no longer available at the time of this writing, The edge was able to see before they disappeared. Apparently, the tech giant will be launching a battery-powered Nest camera that’s great for indoors and outdoors, another camera that comes with spotlights, and a wired camera for indoors. There is also a battery-powered Nest doorbell among the leaked products.

Google (screenshots courtesy of The Verge)

Unfortunately, the listings didn’t link to individual product pages and only brought curious users back to the main Google Store page. We will have to wait for official information to learn more about the devices. By launching a battery-powered Nest doorbell and a projector-equipped camera, however, Google will finally be able to offer Amazon a real rival. security device. When the tech giant first announced it would launch a new Nest line in January, it didn’t say when the products will be available. He did indicate, however, that the lineup is for 2021, so they will most likely be available for purchase in the coming months.

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