As of yesterday, Google will only display cryptocurrency ads from advertisers who are registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) for the money services business or who are federally or state-owned banks that have also undergone a new verification process and meet all other class requirements.

This is a particularly sensitive category, as there have been scams in the past promising Bitcoin gifts, including a scam that appeared as Apple founder Steve Wozniak, which led to a lawsuit against Google and YouTube in 2020.

Requirements for cryptocurrencies and wallets to display Google Ads

In order for these CryptoCurrency Exchanges and Wallets to advertise on Google Ads, these advertisers must be registered with FinCEN as a Money Services Business and in at least one state as a money broker or federal or state charter banking community.


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Businesses must comply with applicable legal requirements, including local legal requirements, whether at the state or federal level.

Like all other advertisers, they must ensure that their ads and landing pages comply with all Google Ads policies.

Cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets Google Ads ‑confirmation

To advertise in this category, all advertisers must go through the new Cryptocurrency Exchanges and Wallets verification process, which was updated in July. Advertisers can start the certification process here. previous Cryptocurrency Exchange certificates will be revoked on August 3rdrd.

The certification process requires the company’s legal documents and identity, as does the verification process for other advertisers.


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Additional Restrictions

While certain scrambled ads are allowed, many still aren’t. Advertisers may still not advertise items that combine or compare issuers of cryptocurrencies or related products.

Advertisers are also not permitted to advertise original coin offers through the DeFi Trading Protocol or otherwise promote the purchase, sale or trade of cryptocurrencies or related products.


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