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A new platform F *** you, pay me (FYPM) wants to help content producers negotiate better deals with brands and also give them an idea of ​​which brands they could avoid collaborating with. The site was founded by stock analyst Lindsey Lee Lugrin and Isha Mehra, a former Facebook data researcher.

By The New York Times, FYPM seeks to bridge the gap between influencers and brands, giving content providers more power and information to negotiate rewards for sponsored content.

The site works in the same way as Glassdoor, a popular platform where employees can view the companies in which they have worked. FYPM also allows users to anonymously share how much they were paid for working with different brands, and helps other content providers evaluate and compare the suggestions they receive.

As per PetaPixel, the idea to start FYPM came from one of Lugrin’s personal experiences when he was offered the opportunity to appear in Marc by Marc Jacobs ’advertising campaign. Although he saw his pictures on billboards around the city and in Internet ads, he had only been paid $ 1,000.

Does not want that content producers underestimate themselves in the same way, the site aims to be a guide in the growing space of online content creation, where most stores are negotiated directly between brands and personalities.

Other than FYPM, sites like Collabstr trying to bring more transparency to the social media industry. It lists the available content providers and their asking prices so others know how much they are charging.

Is also revealed social media accounts such as We do not work for free and The pay gap between influencerswho share anonymous messages about content providers ’bad experiences with brands.

At the moment, towards The New York Times, FYPM has 1,500 authors, 2,000 reviews and 1,300 brands. As the site says, “The bank will never accept exposure as payment. Neither should you. “Click here check it out.

Video off FYPM

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