The Ethereum (ETH) continues to gain interest in public awareness, and interest rose significantly after the second-largest cryptocurrency exceeded $ 2,500. recognized Cryptoanalytical company Santiment.

The recent rise in prices in the cryptographic market made ETH rise in price to over $ 2,600 after months of consolidation as low volatility had become the norm. Ethereum was about $ 2,500 during intraday trading CoinMarketCap.

On the other hand, ETH 2.0 is still getting steam as the number of accounts has increased recently on 4000. In addition, the number of Ethereum 2.0 validators recently exceeded 200,000.

This deposit agreement entered into force in December 2020 and was intended to transfer the current employment certificate (POW) for the Consensus Input (POS) Consensus Mechanism.

Therefore, a greater contribution to the future of the Ethereum blockchain will be the next major upgrade of the network, the London hard fork is ready to go to live August 5

The rising deposit rate, which typically reduces Ethereum’s supply on spot exchanges, is also intended to complement the unique features billed for the use of London’s hard fork.

Ethereum looks good in the chain

By Lex Moskovski, Chief Information Officer of Moskovski Capital:

“Ethereum looks really good in the chain. 1. The supply on the exchanges has been emptied 2. The supply in smart contracts is constantly growing 3. The short-term holders stopped getting again 4. The supply of ETH 2.0 validators is increasing.”

These factors can trigger a supply squeeze, which is a rising sign.

Is the $ 3,000 level next?

By For IntoTheBlock’s IOMAP indicator, Ethereum faces two key chain endurance on the way to $ 3,000.

This is because 1.19 million addresses were purchased by ETH 2.03 million for between $ 2.598 and $ 2753.

Time will tell how Ethereum will move forward, given that its perpetual swaps have recently reached a two-month high.

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