Recently, the Tezos ecosystem has seen several high-profile partnerships, including a partnership with McLaren and Red Bull Racing. Since its launch, the number of projects currently using Tezo has grown to a total of 135. As its popularity continues to grow, the need for effective means to support early-stage projects is becoming increasingly apparent in the ecosystem. Rocket launch pad provides a solution for the development of Tezos-based projects with the aim of maintaining and increasing the rapid development of the ecosystem.

Rocket Launchpad is a distributed IDO platform built into the Tezos blockchain. It provides an efficient and safe way to invest in the rapidly growing number of Tezos projects. The platform is scheduled to launch in August, and its corresponding token, $ RCKT, will have a corresponding token sale.

What is Rocket Launchpad?

Rocket launch pad enables users to participate in the pre-sale and early liquidity cultivation of Tezos ecosystem projects through a single easy-to-use interface. The startup disk also thoroughly checks the code of each project, ensuring that each project is secure, scalable, and achieves the goals of the founders. Rocket Launchpad seeks to leverage this certainty to open up a larger resource bank for investment and ecosystem support.

Early investors using Rocket Launchpad in particular will face level-based system – called “Rover Missions” – which serves as a platform to participate in IDO launches. The Rover Missions tier-based system allows users to access new Tezos-based project IDOs by betting on their $ RCKT. The more $ RCKT a user bets, the greater his chances of gaining access to the pre-sale trigger pool.

Naturally, all three main levels are space-related and include:

  • Triangle – Bet up to 25,000 RCKT to get,
  • Milky Way – Bet up to 250,000 RCKT to get,
  • Andromeda – Bet up to 2,500,000 RCKT to get involved.

After all projects have been inspected with an airtight rocket transmission process, IDOs released on Rocket Launchpad are safe for all interested investors. Rocket never processes funds to ensure the most decentralized approach possible. In addition, Rocket Launchpad uses Rapeita Deep Freezer, which ensures that projects that order to the platform remain a reliable and decentralized process.

Finally, when a project implements an IDO using a Rocket Launchpad, the platform requires them to lock 30-75% of the liquidity provided in the Crunchy freezer for a predetermined period of time. In fact, this ensures that IDO hosts cannot escape these funds for a certain period of time.

Rocket Launchpad controls the Tezos ecosystem

Indeed, Rocket launch pad has already seen its first success before IDO. In July 2021, Rocket Launchpad launched the GOeureka Travel project, which seeks to revolutionize the way travel reservations are made. Its original logo, $ GOT, is designed to improve the cost-effectiveness of travel enthusiasts by using a fixed 5% commission structure. Rocket Launchpad helped pioneer this project, and its biggest bid of $ 97,251 XTZ (worth $ 278,000 at the time) was exchanged for GOT dollars during the IDO launch — this is the platform’s first sell-off.

In addition, in collaboration with, Rocket Launchpad founded the “Dream Team” event. The first planned IDO will be released on the platform in mid-August, and $ 20,000,000 GIFs will be available to collect the $ 100,000 XTZ. This IDO is available to users through the level-based betting model mentioned above.

The future of Rocket Launchpad

For Rocket Launchpad, the year has been full of development goals. In the second quarter of 2021, the team achieved its goal of completing the first private sale of $ RCKT, intelligent contract fulfillment / testing, and the deployment of the IDO project. These milestones laid the groundwork for the development of their third- and fourth-quarter roadmaps.

In the next quarter, $ RCKT investment, LP investment (30% APY), marketing and the first planned IDO launch ($ GIF) are scheduled to increase. To summarize the future of Rocket Launchpad and its establishment in the Tezos ecosystem, the quarter will see fully audited smart contracts, insured contracts and the bakery service’s IDO funding size.

To learn more about Rocket Launchpad and how its IDO platform controls the Tezos ecosystem, visit their website website.


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