Picture through SANKUANZ

If you were Are you ever worried about an already durable, already waterproof, virtually indestructible Crocsit, the brand’s latest collaboration should calm your mind.

Chinese label SANKUANZ has partnered with the iconic Crocs brand and placed a trademark, perforated foam shoe inside that looks different. Think of it as a helmet or protective armor. Or like a kangaroo and its pleasure.

To maintain the shoe firmly in place, the two straps extending the width of the shoe, leaving just enough space for vents or Jibbitz jewelry to shine; Practicality compared to aesthetics, whichever you prefer. Or keep it simple with the SANKUANZ logo that comes with the shoe and the Jibbitz charm of the sea dragon and leave room for airflow.

Picture through SANKUANZ

The Crocs aren’t them the first shoe under “protection” under the sign: at the SANKUANZ Fall 2018 Runway Show, it showcased sneakers designed to keep your freshest kicks intact. Although the retail price of the “SHOES FOR SHOES” model is $ 606 HBX and the design may seem a little ridiculous, don’t underestimate it: it’s sold out.

Crocodile and its shell are accessible via Foot Locker Greenhouse and neon green, white or black, priced at $ 139 a pair.

Picture through SANKUANZ

[via Input, images via SANKUANZ]



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