The ClinTex (CTi) -based platform is the first of its kind to use blockchain-based clinical data analytics to address the main causes of inefficiency in clinical trials, helping to reduce the cost of new drugs and speed up their delivery to patients.

An innovation in early clinical trials

The first spark of the idea that will eventually come ClinTex began in 2014 at the WIA DIA Forum. By 2018, Clintex was officially working on the Clinical Trials Intelligence (CTi) platform. The purpose of CTi is to provide broad-based data analysis, to promote collaboration and insights into clinical trials.

As major pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and Novartis are already testing the blockchain as a future technology to support patient data clinical trial strategy and clinical drug trial medication management, this paves the way for ClinTex CTi to collaborate with industry on more innovative and blockchain-enhancing uses for clinical trial efficiency.

CTi-OEM application

ClinTex has leveraged its momentum to launch its first over 50 years of experience in drug development Application of the CTch platform blockchain clinical trial, Operational Excellence Module (CTi-OEM). CTi-OEM provides intuitive operational oversight of clinical trials to clinical project managers, clinical data managers, and remote staff; enable decision-making during the process on what actions are needed to ensure research into the safety and efficacy of new medicines.

The CTi-OEM console allows researchers to delve into clinical trial data and take proactive action to make clinical trials work more efficiently. These operational issues include, for example, clinical protocol deviations and adverse events related to patient safety in a clinical trial.

The company has prioritized the development of a clinical research application for the CTi-OEM blockchain to address some of the major causes of inefficiency in clinical trials, allowing its first application to deliver tangible benefits to the pharmaceutical and clinical research industries. CTi-OEM achieves this with a comprehensive range of tools that can be accessed through the CTi-OEM console.

Compliance with compliance requirements

One of the biggest obstacles to a successful clinical trial is adherence to the clinical trial protocol. Analytics CTi-OEM application enables the detection and analysis of these anomalies and enables the clinical research team to function rapidly. These tools provide effective information on the main causes of non-compliance in clinical trials and provide analytics to help clinical trial teams identify and address them to accelerate progress.

Protecting patient safety

Protecting patient safety during a clinical trial is a key consideration in the development of a new drug. Side effects are safety issues that occur during testing of a new drug. CTi-OEM provides valuable information on patient safety throughout the clinical trial. For example, the number of adverse events per site allows a clinical trial team to identify sites with a high number of safety events that may indicate procedural problems or that may also reveal safety risks that require further investigation.

These are just a few examples of the CTi-OEM toolkit. Learn More About CTi-OEM is a series of introductory videos that provide an overview of the platform and how it can help relieve pain points in clinical trials.

The first application for many

CTi-OEM is just the beginning of Clintex’s offering. Ultimately, it consists of 7 different applications of blockchain clinical drug research that lead to intelligent analytics of all types of clinical trial data, and it is these analyzes that can be used to improve efficacy in clinical trials. ClinTex Roadmap has plans to get real-time customers available and generate revenue by the end of 2022.


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