Picture through Apple

Apple Online Store disappeared suddenly, seemingly for no reason in the past, but came back better than ever with a new interface and user experience design.

Refreshing new The page has quick links to the range of products currently available and an easier way to reach an expert for technical assistance or find your nearest Apple store. At the top of the website is a Store tab that has been restored from an earlier version of the site for easy access.

Picture through Apple

Scroll down and you you will find several sections focusing on the latest happenings: promotions, new releases and current latest products. Currently, the colorful iPhone 12 and iMacit with a focus on Apple Card monthly installments and a link to the latest carrier offers.

Even down takes you to quick links to the Help Center, the small accessories section, and a wealth of information about Apple products. There is a guide AirTagit, Apple Pay and Home integrations. It contains important parts of the old version of the website only packaged in a new look; nice and neat.

Picture through Apple

New interface with blocks with rounded corners neatly arranged in grids seem to resemble the new Safari tab layout iOS 15 later in the year. It’s pretty safe to say that users aren’t the only ones excited about the upcoming release; the new Apple store is also (of course).

[via iMore, image via Apple]



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