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Expands Notify messages and Notify calls functions Using Siri as a pocket-sized personal secretary is an addition to iOS 15: Report notifications.

There is no privacy either there is a lot of concern here; Siri will not read your private announcements aloud for the entire bus to hear unless you really want this to happen (there is a setting for it). This new feature works with branded AirPods (second generation, Pro and Max), certain Beats headphones and CarPlay.

As in iOS 14, there is a possibility when Siri introduces the feature: headphones, car or both. Users can ask what’s on their screens, just by saying the classic “Hello Siri!”

You can enable this function, installed users iOS 15 you can find it in the Siri & Search section of Settings. Notifications are no longer limited to built-in messaging and phone applications; users can now choose which third-party applications they want to include in their experience.

And Siri can also replies to messages automatically with the reply without confirmation option, which sends a reply before reading the message. This is convenient in situations where users drive a car or cannot access their phone and want to notify the other party that they will read the message later.

Other related to announcements updates includes an updated interface with larger contact images and application icons for easy identification. In addition, there is a new “summary” feature that uses a smart schedule to group notifications and puts the most important information for the user at the top.

Currently, iOS 15 is available for download in public and developer beta. Its official release is scheduled for fall 2021, just months from now.

[via 9to5Mac, images via Apple]



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