This week Google finally added a feature to Google Forms that teachers and students have been asking for for years. Now you can save your work in progress when answering questions in Google Forms!

Google Forms now saves students’ work in progress when they fill out a quiz or any other Google form you provide to them through Google Classroom. The only thing students need to do to get their work saved in class is to make sure they’re signed into their Google Accounts. This shouldn’t be too hard to remember if students accessed the form through Google Classroom. Student work will be saved in progress for thirty days from the first opening of the form.

Teachers do not have to do anything to activate the new In Progress (officially called AutoSave) feature of Google Forms. It will be enabled by default starting today for some Google Workspace domains and will be enabled by default for all Google Workspace domains by September 15th. Teachers can turn off auto-save by opening the settings menu in Google Forms, then choosing “presentation” followed by “restrictions”.

Auto-registration in Google Forms is now available in select Google Workspace domains and will be available in all Google Workspace domains by September 15.

Applications for education

Recording ongoing Google Forms responses is a feature teachers have been asking for for as long as I can remember (and I’ve been teaching with Google Forms longer than most college kids). Students will no longer have to start over if they are disconnected from the Internet or if the bell rings to complete class before they have finished answering all the questions on a Google Form.

In some situations, you might not want students to be able to return to a Google Form to complete it after they start. For example, a student intentionally takes a long time to answer quiz questions so that they can come back to them later after researching answers. In this case, you can turn off the auto-save option on that particular form.

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