After testing the $ 40,000 waters, Bitcoin (BTC) returned to the $ 37,000 level when the top cryptocurrency dropped steam. BTC had fallen 2.23% in the last 24 hours and reached $ 37,755 during intraday trading. CoinMarketCap.

On the other hand, Rafael Schultze-Kraft, founder and chief technology officer of Glassnode, published that 6 million, or 33% of Bitcoin’s supply, moved in the last six months, while 12.5 million BTC were held during the same period.


Holding or hodling seems to be a popular strategy in the Bitcoin market because coins are kept in cold storage or digital wallets for purposes other than speculation.

Long-term holders have set the accumulation ball to spin because of them purchased adds Bitcoin in a recent bill that saw a $ 29,500 lowest hit. In addition to BTC moved strong hands, as its delivery shock was in the $ 50- $ 60,000 range.

At the current level of chain information point that the accumulation model is still ongoing in the Bitcoin market.

Bitcoin is owned by 46 million Americans

Americans are world citizens setting a precedent in Bitcoin ownership. Reportedly, 46 million Americans own the BTC, making it the leading cryptocurrency of one of the country’s most-held financial assets.

The United States is also emerging as the largest beneficiary of the Chinese authorities’ intensification of Bitcoin mining, as its share of the hashrat has recently ascended to heaven To 16.8 percent from just over 4 percent.

Bitcoin whales are constantly raising their profile

Bitcoin whales do not seem to be relieving their efforts to buy more coins as they continue to raise their status.

By for chain meter provider Santiment:

“Bitcoin’s large addresses continue to show interesting patterns as the distribution of supply changes over time and the number of addresses varies at each level. 10 to 1,000 BTC addresses (144.97,000 addresses) are at their highest since April. “

With the holding culture at play in the Bitcoin market, it will be seen whether this should accelerate the rise.

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