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1. Strong earnings and apparent easing from Chinese regulators are helping stocks. But there is certainly an air of caution, especially in the tech industry today. Take a look at what’s going on in the markets.

2. Are you feeling lucky? A new ETF allows you to bet against Ark Invest of Cathie Wood. A proposed ETF is designed to track the reverse performance of Ark Invest’s flagship fund. Find out how the new ARKK ETF Short works.

3. Investors are becoming overconfident for their own good, warns Bank of America. A gauge that tracks market sentiment is near its highest level since the financial crisis. This has the market on the verge of flashing a major sell signal.

4. Gains on deck: Toyota, Sony, CVS, Uber and General Motors all reports.

5. Crypto needs to be under control for it to soar, says SEC chief. Digital currency will only take off if there are clear rules around the market, according to SEC Chairman Gary Gensler. In this way, investors will be better protected against fraud – Gensler aims to implement stricter regulations in the $ 1.6 trillion digital asset market.

6. Bitcoin is set to rise 34%, according to Fairlead Strategies. Technical indicators signal a risky environment for the crypto market, so bitcoin could be bracing for a jump. Find out why this next boom could push bitcoin above $ 51,000.

7. Quality time in the markets: BlackRock says investors are turning to quality stocks as we approach what is expected to be the peak of economic growth this year. The company viewed companies with strong balance sheets, profitable earnings, and low debt as “quality stocks.” Other economic indicators, such as the rate of expansion and durable goods, are also signaling a peak – see other indicators.

8. Listen to Warren Buffett: Put all your eggs in one basket. Legendary tech VC Marc Andreessen is optimistic about Buffett’s philosophy. This value investing approach is different from the meme-stock, get-rich-quick trend – “Don’t be fancy” with your investment, Andreessen said.

9. Beat the market with Goldman Sach’s list of 26 stocks. Strong balance sheets hold promise in the long run, especially as the Fed’s asset reduction plans come into full force. Goldman has named Facebook, Garmin and many more as taper resistant – see the full list here.

10. This market specialist has averaged an annual compound return of 58% – he attributes this to asymmetric opportunities and calculated risks. After years of trial and error, he developed a framework for understanding the nuances of the market – the wizard broke his investment approach and two rules he still follows.

Compiled by Phil Rosen. Feedback? Email or tweet @philrosenn.

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