Emoticons have changed the chat game since 1997. Yes, you read it right: 1997! They have been a way to share emotions in text messaging. It seems that there is an emoji for each reaction. But some characters arenā€™t so sure about adding these funny characters to their brand. Don’t worry, we have you šŸ˜œ. Check why you should include emojis in your brand.

Humanize your brand

The majority of the population participates in some form of emoji communication, from text messaging to social media. Incorporating emoticons into your brand content adds a personality that easily disappears when you share branded products. When you share the content of your brand with mothers, itā€™s easy for your audience to connect it to the personal conversations they have on a daily basis. When you the brand feels personal or “human” the consumer is likely to support you, be in touch with you, and also recommend your brand to others.

Break the text

In a society where attention is rapidly declining, content with text is never the right way to go. When you have to share something more than usual with text, emojis are a great way to keep readers interested and break up the text. Subbing some words to emojis is also another way to reduce freedom of speech while adding flair to your content!

Enhance commitment

Many people canā€™t even imagine sharing text or captions without emojis. Emoticons have quickly become a form of communication all over the world, a simple and straightforward way to share your feelings or even emphasize the text you write. The audience enjoys the commitment when emojis are present – and this invites them to interact with your brand and your messages.

did you know that 5 billion emojis are sent every day In Facebook Messenger?

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