TikTok is still looking for opportunities to expand its business potential this time with a new, global partnership with Publicis Group, which gives Publicis customers first-time access to TikTok’s evolving trading tools while providing TikTok with more information on how to help brands maximize their platform.

As explained TikTok:

“As a founding retail partner of TikTok, brands will benefit from unique learning opportunities, insights and strategic advice focused on advancing product discovery and purchasing goals on the platform. Publicis customers will also try out TikTok’s new retail products, features and creative solutions.”

Works in place more than 100 markets, brand communications giant Publicis Groupe offers significant visibility into TikTok’s evolving business tools, and Publicis can now also offer its customers a place in the new “Community Commerce Sprint” program as part of the arrangement:

“[Community Commerce Sprint is] a custom incubator program that prepares brands to create impressive commercial campaigns for TikTok before the party. Through this multi-week program, participants will have access to multidisciplinary support and coachingn Community trade best practices from TikTok teams. “

Just because of Tokok continuous growthand growing influence, many brands are looking for such opportunities, and Publicis can now provide direct access to TikTok’s in-house experts to help create and develop campaigns.

In addition to this, Publicis will also provide TikTok with new information on consumer behavior through these campaigns, which will help feed into TikTok’s analytics offering.

The deal is similar to the TikTok with which it was announced WPP back in February, although this new arrangement is more closely aligned with TikTok ‘s trading tools, including in-stream product information, livestream shopping and other direct connection options.

TikTok wants to develop this element into a key pillar of its commercialization strategy – because at the end of the day, it will be difficult to commercialize a short format video. You can’t add commercials to 30-second clips in the middle or before the video, as you can do with longer video without direct commercialization, limiting TikTok’s ability to offer comparable compensation for online video options that could eventually see more and more content producers avoid the platform in search of greener pastures.

But if TikTok can facilitate direct purchases in clips, it will give it a more precise path to wider commercialization. It now has an audience and effect, it just needs to hone its trade tools to build a more sustainable and profitable trade ecosystem tied to its top stars.

The creation of a new partnership is another important step in this area and is also likely to accelerate the development of TikTok’s commercial offerings and alternatives for the next stage of development.

If you’re considering options for the upcoming holiday season, you may want to watch how this happens – even if you’re a Publicis customer, new opportunities are coming soon.


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