Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in March 2019. It has been updated to provide the current most popular sports APIs based on pageviews Programmable network.

Sports information can be useful to developers in countless ways. And the best way to connect to sports data is Application programming interface ( API). If a developer wants to create an app that notifies users of live scores, or a betting app or app to track fantasy players or e-sports, they can use the right API to get the job done.

What is the Sports API?

The Sports Interface is an application programming interface that allows developers to access information about sports or other sports-related activities.

Programmable network The directory is a great place to find these Sports facilities. The directory includes dozens of them for hundreds of sports ranging from Auto Racing to Zumba.

Here are the top 10 sports subscriptions in our directory based on website views.

1. Bet Bet365 API

Bet Bet365 API provides programmatic access to all markets and odds available on the Bet365 website. Developers can search all markets and odds or just preview markets and odds. This API is one of many services offered by BetsAPI that offer live scores and matches from various sports for betting purposes.

2. Betfair API

Betfair Exchange API is Chassis where developers can build custom betting tools and interfaces for use with Betfair Sports Exchange for themselves or other Betfair customers. Discover the market, place bets, check current bet data, betting history and account statements using this API.

Screenshot: Betfair

3. Sportradar Sports Data API

Sportradar Sports Data APIFollow this API coverage includes more than 60 sports and 390,000 annual games. Sportradar is an official partner for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and many other leagues and federations. The API provides information on the American sports already mentioned, as well as the NCAA, cricket, handball, Australian rules football, rugby, football, golf, the Olympics and e-sports, among others. The API can return probabilities and odds comparisons. The API has a simulation system that plays the selected ready-made games and allows users to view the API feeds as if they were happening live.

4. Golf-Course Database API

Golf-Course Database API provides detailed information on golf courses from more than 39,000 golf courses around the world, 108 different courses for each club, and provides accurate data quality assurance.

5. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Yahoo Fantasy Sports APIFollow this API provides a wealth of information about leagues, teams and player information. This information can be used to build non-commercial tools and applications that help analyze draft results, review free agents, optimize existing catalogs, or other applications. The Yahoo Fantasy Sports API uses Yahoo Query language (YQL) as a mechanism for accessing and retrieving Yahoo Fantasy Sports data XML and JSON in terms of.

6. Pinnacle Sports API

Pinnacle Sports is an online service that provides information on betting on several sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, rugby. Pinnacle Sports API allows developers to integrate Pinnacle Sports functionality into their applications. Some API methods include retrieving sports lists, retrieving league lists, and retrieving sports feeds.

7. View from my seat API

The view from my seat offers a number of services that connect fans to their favorite teams, mainly by providing photos taken from fans and displaying them in seating charts on the team’s website. View from the seat API provides a RESTful interface for developers who can enhance their sites and applications with fan images.

View from the My Seat API

Take pictures of the views of the seating areas of the sports arena through this API. Picture: View from my seat / riehman

8. ProfootballAPI NFL API

ProfootballAPI NFL API provides users with access to a database of current and past NFL football statistics and game data. The database is updated every minute while games are being played. Data has been available since 2009. The NFL API can provide answers to simple queries or retrieve large data sets for more in-depth use. The ProFootball API is not officially affiliated with the National Football League and does not claim this information as its own.

9. Live-Score Football / Soccer API

Live-Score Football / Soccer API allows developers to integrate football / soccer information into their websites. The information available through the API includes live scores, team times, and more. The API includes live scores for football leagues, cups and international matches for all major football leagues around the world as well as many small leagues.

Take pictures of the views of the seating areas of the sports arena through this API

Screenshot: Live Score

10. eOddsmaker API

eOddsmaker API provides multiple JSON and XML betting files for both pre-match and live betting odds. The company’s betting odds cover more than 70 bookmakers, while the odds cover a number of leading bookmakers offering 7,000 monthly events. In addition, eOddsmaker provides a unique XML file Input which includes pre-match arbitrage opportunities identified by him.

If none of the above is what you are looking for, check it out more than 400 APIs in our Sports category. Also find over 170 SDKs and more than 47 pieces of sample source code that ProgrammableWeb directory.

Other frequently asked questions

Sports facilities can be connected to systems or applications with service providers that provide a lot of sports information. This information can be used to create apps that provide users with live updates, allow them to bet on games, participate in a fantasy league, or research player and team stats.
Sportradar is one of the leading service providers Sports API room. It provides APIs for more than 50 sports, including major American leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL, as well as major global sports such as golf, football, cricket and many more.

Many different types of information are available through sports subscriptions. Depending on the sport, the information can include: Team Stats, Player Stats, League Data, Player Data such as height and weight, live scores, game data, league tables, schedules, bets, lineups and much more.

Some of the leading Sports API providers include Sportradar, Yahoo, Pinnacle Sports, Live-score API, Wherrelz and Bet365.


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