No matter how much information you process when you study anything, there will be no results unless you start applying them in real life. To master the language, people usually engage in writing, speaking, and listening to reinforce their knowledge after learning the theory. In a programming language, it is not exactly the same.

You can read the code and write it. Just watching YouTube as they write complex instructions doesn’t help much. Nor is it some kind of essay help you can get EsseeHub when you are tired or do not have time. When someone decides to learn to code, it’s probably about building a career. And a career requires dedication, perseverance, and practice as much as you can.

However, not all people understand the last concept correctly. Some are just struggling to go further because they didn’t fully understand how the method works. Others think or doubt when the intention is simply to write lines of code until the latter begins to make sense. That’s all. And if you don’t see progress, check out the possible reasons below. It’s possible that you just don’t see improvements or use the wrong approaches.

You usually copy or do not type the code manually on a regular basis

The first thing to remember is that when you start learning JavaScript, you need to adapt to its syntax. The way the code should be generated can hardly be full, that is the way. Even if you’re trying to remember punctuation in arrow operations, it’s torture if you don’t sit down and type like 15 examples. It’s a lot easier that way.

Engine memory can help when it is too early to understand code examples. If you’ve ever tried to learn another language, you’ll probably remember that the first lessons contained the dumbest sentences and phrases. Same here. You may not even sometimes understand why you need such a function or method. It makes it almost impossible to remember.

However, practice writing it without thinking too much. It will help later and you will understand it as your hands start writing instructions and put commas and square brackets anywhere. The key is to avoid copying the examples and change just a few things to tailor the code to your needs.

You didn’t come up with your own examples

The first examples that fresh learners start with are usually taken from some notes or developer blogs. It’s nice to use them when you know the source is absolutely right, so you’re rewriting the same code. In this way, the idea of ​​what guidance is required can be understood.

The next step to improvement is to at least dilute the finished examples with your own. Add a couple of personal items to the set, make it funny or too specific to make sure you remember how you wrote it.

Try to make the example more challenging. Adding up to a few rows with new object properties by copying an example template is not always that easy. Still, it’s definitely rewarding. The code gets a little broader, so you need to focus more. The first line is written entirely by comparing it to an example. Next – a few glances at the latter. The more lines you type, the fewer prompts your brain needs.

You do not mix different types of content

Text format is often seen as a faster and more efficient way to grab information than watching videos. However, you should always remember that you don’t have to read just textbooks and divert away other content just because someone told you it would be better. Some prefer video instruction, which can be found for free on YouTube without much effort. Try different approaches and find the one that suits your needs.

When traveling, look for a couple of informative articles from other sources. Read them while sitting on the bus or standing in line. Such short texts can sometimes show you a different perspective on a topic or use simpler terms and clarify something you’ve struggled with for so long.


Another reason that your progress may seem rather slow is that you practice using:

– limited resources;
– too many resources;
obsolete resources.

In the beginning, you obviously need to create one or two sources of information from which to learn. Trying to stick to all the popular guidelines and process the data would be almost impossible. Still, you don’t have to limit yourself forever to reading the same website over and over again.

Keep in mind that if you’re looking for a specific answer to a question related to code syntax, you need to check the answer date. Often they are located in forums. If it was published in 2014 or even earlier, be careful with such tips. Otherwise, you will learn outdated methods that no one will use anymore.

Take with

Finally, there may be one simple reason that is not about training but rather about reluctance due to fear of failure. It is quite common and can lead to a change in balance. Only set a goal to go through each topic and perspective and writing examples. Once you are used to the syntax of the language, check out the various resources.

Don’t stick together if you feel like it’s slowing you down. Prioritize and keep up the pressure. One day you will wake up and notice how much your brain has been absorbed and processed, and you will be amazed at how your potential has grown.



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