It’s like a confession when a traditional financier provides a connection to a cryptographic company. This is exactly what the technology company NCR is now planning to plan. Like shareholder reports, the takeover of encryption software company LibertyX is expected to take place this year.


New application for new solutions

LibertyX is known for its app, which is aimed primarily at U.S. retailers and allows them to collect payments in cryptocurrencies. The program can also be used at ATMs and third party outlets. 20,000 merchants and 9,500 BTC ATMs should already be equipped.

“As consumer demand grows, our customers need a complete digital currency solution, including the ability to Buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Make cross-border transfers and accept digital currency payments through digital and physical channels, ”said Tim Vanderham, Chief Technology Officer, NCR.

They want to expand their own range and develop solutions for retailers, bank customers and restaurateurs.

The next step towards an encryption group

The acquisition of LibertyX is already NCR’s second big step into the world of encryption. Just last month, the partnership with the NYDIG cryptographic group became known, giving ordinary bank customers particularly easy access to buy, manage and sell bitcoins should provide.

After the company’s 137-year history, NCR’s security is evolving more and more a Bitcoin share. More detailed information on the takeover, such as schedule and amount, is not yet known.

Photo: Markus Winkler

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