Instagram wants to help brands improve their publishing practices highlighting the best examples both organic and advertised messages from other app companies, which can help arouse creative thinking and reflection.

A new element has been added to the Instagram Professional Dashboard it published back in January, and is available in the app for those with Business and Creator accounts.

When you tap on the Professional Dashboard (at the top of your profile), you’ll find a new “See how other companies connect people” guide in the Stay Up to Date section at the bottom of the screen.

Tap that tile and you’ll have access to many examples of good branding messages and advertisements, as selected by Instagram’s creative team.

Inspiration from the Instagram brand

After tapping any example, you can also scroll down to see more, while Instagram has also included Create Message and Create Ad prompts between the displayed messages to streamline your own creation process.

Inspiration from the Instagram brand

It could be a great way to get more ideas for your own Instagram approach when Instagram urges marketers to:

“Notice what makes this message stand out. What catches your eye? What makes you learn more? How does the message capture the voice and vision of the company? Think about how you can incorporate these aspects into your company’s content.”

Direct, real-world examples usually make it easier to understand such concepts, and access to certain messages selected by Instagram can be a great help in deciding your own vision and approach.

Instagram says the feature is part of it a continued commitment to building a suite of solutions “that will help companies of all sizes realize their potential.” Overall, the Professional Dashboard includes account performance information and links to relevant resources to improve your visibility. All of these features have been available for some time, but the idea of ​​the Dashboard is that it makes it easier to combine the necessary growth resources in one place, and you may want to check back regularly on what Instagram adds to improve your presentation.

Instagram says new business examples are coming to the Professional Dashboard starting today.


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