Is it time for you to hire a social media manager?

Because the role is undeniably more important than ever for modern marketing teams.

The responsibilities of a social media marketer cannot be seen in retrospect as ideas for building leads and building a community for advertising and PR.

That is why so many companies are including PGI equipment and looking more closely at the role of the role.

This means you can’t just hire anyone. You need someone with the expertise and the right skills.

In this guide, we highlight hiring a social media leader and tips for finding top-level talent.

What is a social media leader?

Let’s first look at what a social media leader is actually doing.

The social media marketer is responsible for publishing any network as a brand account. They act as the voice of the brand in roles that include:

  • Daily posts, replies, and overall content strategy
  • Maintaining brand tone and values ​​in interaction with customers
  • Adapting their content strategy to the overall picture and specific marketing goals, working with members of the marketing team on goals and performance indicators

The role is anything social media team, but can also act as a form of trading for companies with small or solely marketing departments.

Why hire a social media manager to level up your team

Now that we know what PGI companies do, let’s talk about why you really want to hire one.

Your business needs special social media skills

Socially well-functioning companies are not born by chance.

After all, the ability to drive engagement and ad clicks required special expertise.

While the skills of email or content marketers may overlap with social media, they are not the same. Anything but.

Want to increase the conversion rate of your Facebook ads? Create a follower in TikTok? Do you work with influencers? PGI can do heavy lifting ASAP without guesswork.

When you hire a social media leader with knowledge digital marketing tools and best practices from all social platforms will instantly improve your company’s ability to see social media revenue.

Your current social presence is dazzling

If your current social presence doesn’t bring much commitment or income, you have a problem.

A skilled social media marketer can move the needle independently of you objectives. This includes:

  • Increasing brand awareness in your target market
  • Increasing sales and customers directly from social
  • Improves the interaction between potential customers and clients

Doing all of the above can be daunting, especially for inexperienced or busy marketers trying to run social activities alongside their other tasks. On the other hand, a skilled social media leader can handle these tasks and tie them meters that you can measure.

You are eager to expand your company’s marketing campaigns

The bigger your business grows, the more it can have a direct impact on social media.

Consider how hiring a social media leader can support your marketing and initiatives, such as:

  • Product launches
  • Lead generation
  • Customer service and service
  • Recruiting new talent

Especially in competitive industries like e-commerce, retail or SaaS, hiring a social media marketer is crucial for long-term growth.

How to hire a social media manager step by step

Okay, so you know you have to bring PGI. What now?

Let’s take a look at the steps and questions needed to find the right one for your business.

1. Identify the channels that your social media leader needs to monitor

In short, which channels do you need your PGI for, control.

Most social media leaders know the ropes of any social network.

However, some may specialize in commercializing Facebook, working with influencers on Instagram, or intervening Twitter customer service. The need for this specialized information depends on the goals of your business.

Also, keep in mind that social media leaders can help you create visibility on completely new platforms. Maybe your business has slept on Pinterest or has no idea how to approach TikTok or Klubitalo.

Here, hiring a social media leader can be a game changer. For example, check out this Buzzfeed PGI job description that emphasizes the need to manage video content in TikTok:

Understanding what channels SMM works on is the first step toward hiring them.

2. Prioritize the responsibilities and obligations of the PGI

As noted earlier, not all social media leaders take on the same responsibilities.

The role can be kind of comprehensive, so it’s tricky for companies looking for potential tenants.

Below, we have highlighted some of the important roles and responsibilities you can expect from your PGI: the ones you prioritize match the needs of your team.

Curate, schedule, and manage your content calendar

This is that great. Managing your content calendar is one of the most important and time-consuming tasks for any SMM, from scheduling campaigns to revealing messages worthy of clicks to your followers.

Using tools such as Sprout Social, social media marketers have the right to schedule their messages on multiple networks and publish when each audience is most engaged.

Sprout Social Content Calendar

Strengthen your brand identity

For new brands, building an identity should be a priority.

Personal or professional? Straight and narrow or Sassy? Skilled leaders can help you strengthen sound and values your customer base.

Follow social media trends

The role of a social media marketer is dynamic. Every company is completely different, and PGIs have to adapt except social trends but also the whole industry.

Attach followers

Shouts. Complaints. Questions and concerns.

Quick and thoughtful responses are a must for companies that want to nurture customers and keep their followers happy. A dedicated social media leader means these always-so-important mentions will never go unanswered.

Support promotions and campaigns

Perhaps most importantly, social media leaders are helping to find ways to support existing marketing efforts. This includes collaborating on SEO, email marketing, and lead generation tasks in campaigns and messages.

3. Define the mandatory skills of your social media leader

As a review (and because of writing a job description), consider the following social media skills to evaluate potential candidates:

  • Writing skills, internal communication, customer interaction, and marketing copy writing (think: captions and call-to-action)
  • Social media experience such as working with multiple platforms and understanding their best practices
  • Customer service skills, including customer success and escalation management
  • Understanding analytics, as well as other tools that make up a a stack of marketing techniques
  • Organizational skills perform their duties and also adhere to the timetable and deadlines

No matter what PGI intends to do on a daily basis, these above skills are the key to success.

4. Find out if you want to hire a social media manager full time or as a freelancer

Some companies outsource their social media, while others do everything themselves.

Of course, a full-time lease has a greater start-up and financial commitment. Nevertheless, internal social media marketers are naturally closer with your marketing team and business. This will not only help you stick to your goals and reach milestones, but also increase their understanding of your company and its culture.

Outsourcing social media management gives you more flexibility, but it also means sacrificing control. Smaller companies may consider hiring a freelancer and moving to a full-time position over time as their social strategy evolves and develops a way to expand your social team.

And given the rise teleworking and tools like group chat, you can find a social manager to rent from almost anywhere.

Where to find the best talent when hiring a social media leader

No surprises here: LinkedIn is the best platform for finding top talent.

Because LinkedIn is itself a social network, it’s a great place to assess whether a potential tenant can market themselves and speak to an audience.

Not only that, but the ability to hire directly through the platform is a big plus.

linkedin is the perfect place to hire a social media manager with in-app information

In addition to LinkedIn, industry groups like Social market exchange are a great place to find personalized recommendations and share job postings.

How to choose the best social media leader for your business

There are many talents to choose from, it can be difficult to hone the right rental.

Here are a few ideas to help you get through the interview process as well as figure out who would be best for your business based on your goals.

Ask to see their portfolios or previous accounts

Request information on the results of previous campaigns. You can see their achievements and what they have really done.

Learn more about measuring performance

For example, what tools do they use? What performance indicators do they monitor and consider most valuable? Even if you do not hire a social media analyst, these questions are a completely fair game.

Present a difficult scenario and ask how they would react to it

Whether it’s an imaginary crisis or a spin on something that happened in the past, role-playing scenarios help you assess your candidates ’critical thinking skills and marketing pieces.

Ask them to describe how they understand the voice of your brand

This not only measures whether your candidate has done their homework, but also confirms that he or she really understands the values ​​and tone of your business.

Are you ready to hire a social media manager?

Hiring a social media manager can change your business.

This is especially true as more and more customers turn to social media for customer service and business.

While there are a lot of moving parts to hiring a social media manager on board, it doesn’t have to be a headache.

If you haven’t already, check out our social media hiring toolkit which can help streamline the addition of new talent.


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