The logo is the first face of the chatbot. Its main strength is its visual nature: it is the leading channel for gaining information about the world around it for the majority of people. Thus, correctly selected logos create stable images in the mind and form a stable positive associative series with the chatbot.

A stylish and up-to-date logo is a great tool for promoting chatbots. Many companies make a logo chatbot wrong. As a result, people don’t use them because chatbots ’logos don’t grab their attention.

The logo allows you to convey to chatbot users everything you deem necessary. creating a chatbot must be approached responsibly and carefully. A well-designed logo enhances the popularity of a chatbot, while a poor quality logo only harms the chatbot.

Is it possible to make a visually impressive and effective logo for the chatbot itself? Yes, designing a high quality chatbot logo is more than realistic, but for that you need to know some configuration rules, choice of shades and other details.

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The Chatbot logo can use a huge variety of fonts. But how do you decide which one to use? You can do this by using the best tips for choosing a chatbot logo font.

You can also analyze competitors. See what fonts they use in their chatbot logos. You don’t have to choose the same style, but tracking the overall direction is a good idea.

The icon is an image in the logo. This element allows you to tell customers about the purpose of the chatbot without words. The icon is the first thing customers pay attention to when they see your logo. Therefore, you need to make sure that the IDs are selected correctly.

Below are basic tips for choosing the chatbot logo icon in any direction.

You can also use an abstract icon. This is a pretty bold step. But more and more companies are choosing such images for their logo.

The color of the logo plays an important role in the attractiveness of the user. In addition, colors can tell a lot about the chatbot. To choose a color scheme, it is recommended to study logo color psychology. Each shade evokes certain associations in customers. And the wrong color can create the wrong impression of a chatbot.

I have collected the most important recommendations for color selection. These tips will make it easier for you to decide on the color of your chatbot logo.


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